Attacks we prevent

Token Approval Wallet Drainer

Your assets are stolen through being tricked into signing token approvals that allow others to withdraw tokens from your wallet.

Honeypot Tokens

You are tricked into buying an NFT that you canโ€™t sell.

Counterfeit tokens

You are tricked into an exchange with counterfeit assets. They ask you to sign a function that just transfers your ETH to them.

Old Opensea contract exploit

You are tricked into signing over ownership of the old Opensea proxy contract, which has permission to withdraw your assets

Malicious approvals to EOA

A scam where unauthorized permissions(approvals) are granted to externally owned accounts (EOA), allowing them to exploit and manipulate user funds or assets.

Potentially malicious Tokens Contract

You are tricked into investing into a token that is designed to deceive or harm you, potentially leading to loss or theft of funds.(rug pulls)

Unverified or Proxy contracts

We detect unverified contract or proxy contract that could put your assets at risk of being stolen by malicious third-parties.


Upcoming protection

  • Swap slippage protection
  • Gas fees optimization
  • Counterfeit and Spam NFTs
  • Etc...