Upgrade your wallet security with Nefture.

Nefture sends you a warning whenever you attempt to send a transaction to a scammer or hacker. You can then choose to either cancel the transaction or approve it to be sent to the blockchain. We also provide an end-to-end security solution for your wallet's security (wallet score, approval checker).

Nefture RPC: Transaction Monitoring

πŸ”’ Real-time security

Nefture monitor on-chain activity for high-risk transactions that can negatively impact your security.Β 

πŸ”’ Understand what you sign

Nefture RPC gives users clear information about transactions, so they can see what is coming in and going out of a wallet before they decide to approve the transaction. This helps users make informed choices and understand transaction details easily.

πŸ”’ Know Your Token (KYT)

Nefture allow you to scan any token's smart contract and get its risk score before investing to protect yourself from potential scams and honeypots.

Wallet Check: Risk assesment

πŸ”Check your Wallet Risk Score

We now have a feature that can tell you how risky your wallet and transactions are. To use this feature, just enter your ETH address, ENS, or UNS and you'll get a score that's just for you. You don't need to connect your wallet.

πŸ”Approval Checker

As approvals are necessary in the DeFi ecosystem, it's important to be able to differentiate between dangerous approvals and necessary ones. Nefture offers a reliable risk assessment of your wallet's risk level to ensure your peace of mind.


Nefture is available on Ethereum. Other EVM will be live soon.

We analyse only ERC20 tokens and smart contracts. ERC721 analysis will be released in a future version.

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