Nefture protects DeFi users against scams and hacks.

Welcome to Nefture

Nefture adds a security layer to web3 and prevents hacks, scams, and theft. Removing on-chain insecurity and protecting DeFi investors.

We keep users informed about emerging threats and vulnerabilities in the Web3 ecosystem. We provide real-time alerts and actionable insights to help users mitigate risks and make informed decisions when transacting on DeFi platforms or interacting with smart contracts.

We classify the transaction you’re about to make into 3 risk-levels.


Safe: You’re interacting with a verified dApp or a safe smart contract.


Warning: You could be interacting with a dangerous DApp or smart contract.


Dangerous: We detected a very unusual activity indicating that you are probably going to be scammed if you pursue the interaction.

Based on the risk level, we will block the transaction and ask you to make the choice of either authorizing it or blocking it. It’s as simple as that. And your precious assets have been protected from scammers.

Using OpSec to protect web3

While web3 empowers individuals to own their data, it places a greater responsibility on end-users to secure assets. Still, even advanced crypto users find OpSec (operational security) difficult—especially as scammers and fraudsters refine old tactics and evolve new ones. This is why consumer security solutions that help users, investors, and institutions safeguard digital assets have a compelling value proposition.

For sake of clarity, we define user security as a collection of tools that monitor and safeguard user interactions with web3 applications. We see fraud prevention and transaction safety as the most important verticals in user security.

Nefture Security leverages Operational Security (Opsec) practices to enhance the overall security and protection of users in the Web3 ecosystem. Opsec refers to a set of strategies and measures designed to identify, mitigate, and minimize potential risks and vulnerabilities that could compromise security.

Here's how Nefture Security utilizes Opsec principles:

  1. Threat Intelligence: Nefture Security maintains an active stance on gathering intelligence regarding emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and attack vectors within the Web3 environment. By monitoring and analyzing various data sources, including dark web forums, security research reports, and incident tracking, it stays informed about potential risks and adapts its security measures accordingly.
  2. Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Nefture Security performs comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks associated with on-chain transactions, smart contracts, and other activities in the Web3 ecosystem. Through continuous monitoring, it evaluates transaction patterns, analyzes historical data, and detects anomalies, allowing users to make informed decisions and take appropriate risk mitigation actions.
  3. User Education and Awareness: Nefture Security emphasizes user education and awareness as a fundamental aspect of Opsec. By providing educational resources, security guidelines, and best practices, it empowers users to understand potential risks, recognize common attack vectors, and adopt security-conscious behaviors. This proactive approach helps users become more resilient to fraud, phishing attempts, and other social engineering schemes.

Nefture Security strives to create a safer Web3 environment for its users.

Our expertise

  1. Behavior-Based Transaction Monitoring: Utilizing machine learning algorithms, Nefture Security conducts real-time monitoring of transactions, identifying suspicious patterns and behaviors that may indicate fraudulent activity.
  2. DeFi Risk Assessment: Nefture Security provides risk scores for liquidity pools and smart contracts in decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystems. This evaluation helps users assess the potential risks associated with participating in these protocols.
  3. Web3 Crime Detection & Investigation: Nefture Security specializes in detecting, preventing, and investigating criminal activities within the Web3 environment. By leveraging advanced technologies and analysis techniques, it helps identify and mitigate various forms of digital crime.
  4. Cross-Chain Attack Prevention: Nefture Security implements measures to prevent attacks across different blockchain networks. By automating investigations and implementing proactive security measures, it helps safeguard against cross-chain vulnerabilities and threats.
  5. Enhanced Due Diligence: Nefture Security offers enhanced due diligence services, enabling users to conduct in-depth investigations and entity reporting. This aids in assessing the legitimacy and credibility of individuals, projects, or organizations within the blockchain ecosystem.

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