Nefture RPC

Nefture RPC provides real-time risk assessment of on-chain transactions and flag/block risky operations that could result in loss of funds. Nefture Security employs advanced algorithms to monitor transactions and identify potential risks in real-time. It analyzes transaction patterns, blockchain data, and historical data to detect anomalies, fraudulent activities, and suspicious behavior, allowing users to take prompt action.

Transaction Monitoring

πŸ”’ Real-time security

Nefture monitor on-chain activity for high-risk transactions that can negatively impact your security.Β 

1. You receive real-time notifications

2. You can decide to reject or approve the transaction

3. You can see your transaction history on your dashboard

It was important for us that our users could access their past transactions and the status of the transactions.

By clicking on one of your last transactions, you can now see the status of your transaction, the reason we flagged it as a dangerous transaction and other basic information. We also added the possibility to see the transaction on etherscan.

πŸ”’ Understand what you sign

Nefture RPC gives users clear information about transactions, so they can see what is coming in and going out of a wallet before they decide to approve the transaction. This helps users make informed choices and understand transaction details easily.

Understand what is going in and out of your wallet before approving transactions. We provide clear human-readable explanations of transactions so you can make informed choices and understand transaction details easily. Say goodbye to confusion when interpreting on-chain transactions

Asking users to sign random blobs [of data] is unacceptable, and I often find myself unable to interpret data provided by my Ledger wallet (it doesn’t even show which wallet is signing a transaction). There is a lot of work still to be done here.

-Joran Honig, security auditor at ConsenSys

πŸ”’ Know Your Token (KYT)

Nefture allow you to scan any token's smart contract and get its risk score before investing to protect yourself from potential scams and honeypots.

We continuously scans millions of token contracts using cutting-edge smart contract screening technology, flagging scam vulnerabilities with unprecedented accuracy.