Wallet Check

Check your Wallet Risk Score

We now have a feature that can tell you how risky your wallet and transactions are. To use this feature, just enter your ETH address, ENS, or UNS and you'll get a score that's just for you. You don't need to connect your wallet.

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See how risky your Approvals are

We improve your wallet security by investigating malicious approvals that could drain your wallet. Receive monthly reports on your approvals to learn about any potentially risky ones that you may need to revoke. You will receive your first report within a week of activating the feature. This way, you can stay informed and take the necessary actions to secure your wallet.


Understand How Token Approvals Works

Approvals are an essential part of using decentralized apps and wallets. However, they can also pose a potential security risk.

Here's why you should be careful before granting approval:

  • When you approve a smart contract or app, you give it permission to access your tokens, collect data, and perform actions on your behalf.
  • If the app is malicious or hacked, your funds and personal information could be at risk. It's crucial to verify the identity and legitimacy of the smart contract or app before granting approval.
  • Double-check the source code, audit reports, and reviews from trusted sources.
  • Don't rush into granting approval without being absolutely sure. Be wary of granting unlimited approval or approval to unfamiliar contracts.
  • Only approve the permissions you need and revoke them when they're no longer required.

This reduces the risk of unauthorized access and potential hacks. Take control of your security and protect your crypto assets with caution and vigilance. Use reputable wallets, enable multi-factor authentication, and regularly review your approval history.