Getting started

Welcome to Nefture Security, the wallet protector that checks your transactions and blocks them if they are dangerous so you can avoid scams.
Estimated time to complete this guide: < 10 minutes

Steps to get started with Nefture

1. Create your Nefture Security account

To sign up, go to Nefture Security App and connect your wallet to access Nefture security. For the Alpha version, only Nefturians holders will get access to the platform so get yourself a Nefturians NFT if you want to be protected.

2. Connect your wallet

Connect your Metamask or Coinbase wallet to Nefture app. If you're eligible (owner of a Nefturians NFT), you will be able to access the platform. If you're not eligible, you can either join the Nefturians Community by getting a Nefturians or register for the Beta.

3. Set up the notifications

Once connected, only a simple registration process remains. First, connect your telegram account in order to receive notifications when we block the transactions.
Click on connect Telegram Type /start if it doesn't start automatically Select Go to save my address Input your ETH address
Now go back to the and you're registered 🎉

4. Add Nefture Security RPC

Nefture is an RPC, a secured network that you can add directly to your wallet in three steps.
Step 1. Click the network you are currently using and then Add Network.

Step 2. Enter the parameters:

Network Name: Nefture Security Testnet
Chain ID: 5
Currency Symbol: GOERLI ETH
Block ExplorerURL:
Click Save

Step 3. Congratulations, Nefture Security is successfully installed 🎉

5. Start your safe journey!

You're now ready to navigate web3 freely with Nefture Security RPC connected to your wallet.


  • Nefture is in Alpha and may experience technical issues or introduce breaking changes from time to time. Please accept this before continuing.
  • To use Nefture Security in Alpha, your wallet needs to be whitelisted by our team. If it's not, even if you installed the Nefture Security RPC on your wallet, it won't work and you won't be protected.