Nefture Security Alpha Quest

Nefture Security RPC is a wallet-safe extension that checks your transactions and blocks them if they are dangerous. It is a safety net to prevent users from falling into scams.
Nefturians owners will be able to test the Nefture Security RPC in October. And we decided to make this Alpha an unforgettable experience.

So we created: The Guardians Quest

We created The Guardians Quest aka "Get scammed on testnet” which is a sandbox platform where we replicate testnet versions of well-known Ethereum scams so you can practice spotting the red flags in a safe environment. It will also allow you to understand exactly how Nefture Security protects you from dangerous transactions.
Every two-day starting from the third week of October(TBA), we will release a New Quest. Each quest will be organized as the following:

There will be Two Categories of Quests

🐣 Young Guardian: easy-level (~TBA quests)
😎 Guardian Master: intermediate level (~ TBA quests)

When you complete the Quests of a category, you will be eligible to win an NFT

On the left, teaser for the Young Guardian FT. On the right, teaser for the Guardian Master NFT.
Of course, when we talk about Quests, we can't forget about rewards.

Rewards 🏆

Every two-day you will have a new quest. You will have 48-hours to complete the quest. When done, you will have to drop off the proof of your completion in the Quest on Crew3.
There will be several Quests (fixed number TBA), so around one month to complete the whole experience and become real Web3 Security Guardians !
There will be 10 quests for level Young Guardian and 4 for level Guardian Master. To be eligible for the NFTs, you will have to complete all the quests of a category.
Once you complete all the quests, you will be able to claim your prizes !
Other Special Prizes:
  • The one with the most transactions
  • The one who gave us the most feedbacks
  • The one with the most Crew3 Quest XP
You will be able to vote for the special prize you want on the Nefturians voting platform N'labs at the end of the week. I hope you're excited about it and would love to have your support so show us we made the right choice!

Why create a Quest ? 🤔

We made this amazing Guardians Quest to change the boring way of getting users feedbacks. We wanted to make it fun in a gamified way for our community.
Why ? Because to be able to test the product, we would need to analyze a lot of transactions and with the bear market overall (low) transaction volume, the number of transactions from our community of holders would have been too low for us to get enough feedback. So we decided that the best way would be to use this opportunity for our community of testers to live a unique experience in testing a product.

Why on testnet and why create a testing platform?

There is this saying that says “You must fall to rise again”. This means that the best way to learn is by making mistakes and learning from them. But today in web3, every mistake has terrible consequences for users. Money loss, scams…
Every mistake costs a great deal and sometimes even leads to traumatic experiences. So we decided to give you the possibility to make mistakes in web3, without any consequences, and learn from them. The goal will be for all Nefturians Holders to test different kinds of scenarios and see how Nefture Security RPC protects you when you’re navigating in web3.
Now that you installed Nefture RPC and you're ready for the quests, one step is left: use a testnet wallet and get test eth to make transactions.