What is Testnet and How to Use It?

For Nefture Security Alpha testing phase, we decided to do it on Görli Testnet Network. Goerli is an Ethereum test network that allows for blockchain development testing before deployment on Mainnet, the main Ethereum network.

What is a testnet?

A testnet network is an almost identical copy of the blockchain of a cryptocurrency, in our case Ethereum.
It's not mainnet Ethereum but it's almost the same. On the difference that you're not sending real money, you're using Test Ethereum.

Characteristics of a testnet

Testnet-like networks use their own cryptocurrency which is a copy of the original chain's asset. Interaction with them has no reflection on public blockchains of the original cryptocurrencies. They are outside the natural blockchain network by placing themselves on a testnet where all code can be tested without affecting the main blockchain.
For these development blockchains, the teams of programmers generate genesis blocks slightly differently. This prevents them from being added to the operational blockchain (also known as mainnet). As a consequence of this, it is impossible to transfer cryptocurrencies from an active blockchain to a testnet and vice versa. In this way, the developers guarantee the separation of the two blockchain, preventing someone from fraudulently profiting.
But testnets are not just a test environment for engineers or programmers, it also serves direct users. To be more specific, a testnet is the best simulator there is to manage cryptocurrencies. Thus, in the same way that pilots can exercise on simulators before flying, any future cryptonut can learn how to use cryptocurrencies on the testnet without fear of consequences.
So testnets facilitate the development on blockchain applications without the risk of losing funds.

👉 Now that you understand what is a testnet and how it works, put funds in your testnet wallet to send transactions.