About Nefture

Nefture is a blockchain cybersecurity company. Launched in December 2021, we've started our activites as a consulting company in blockchain development, audits and project security before releasing Nefture Security.
We worked with brands to help them launch safely their NFT collection. We are partners with L'Oréal and incubated in their program at Station F, the world's biggest startup incubator in Paris.
We are also incubated at Cyber Booster, the first cybersecurity startup studio backed by the french government. The goal of the Cyber Booster is to create the next Europeans Cybersecurity Leaders. And it's located at Cyber Campus.
Our mission is to protect web3 users and onboard newcomers into the space by bringing safety and awareness. We envision to create a safe environment where people can interact with Blockchain in serenity.
How? We're building a tool that checks transactions & helps web3 users avoid crypto scams. With our wallet extension, you finally understand what you're signing and get alerted if your assets or funds are at risk. And also creating educational content to better onboard newcomers!
What we're gonna do: Security needs to be simple. To the point we would all trust our grandparents to use it with no worries! Nefture in the future will be onboarding the world to web3 by building some of the best-gamified security tools so using web3 won't be an issue anymore.
Behind the company, we have three co-founders:
From the left: Wafae KERCHI, Baptiste FLORENTIN and Célim STARCK. Co-founders of Nefture.
And a team of 10+ people with an all-around expertise on the blockchain.